12 reasons you need a whole-house water treatment system

Explore the benefits of a whole house water treatment system.

With Home Water Solutions’ Whole House Water Treatment System, your family will benefit from clean, filtered water emerging from every water source in your home.


With our whole house water system, the risk of drinking and showering in contaminated water is eliminated. Our whole house water filtration system strips chlorine and chloramines giving you high-quality water for healthier showers and baths that leaves your skin and hair feeling softer and healthy while keeping pipes and fixtures clean.


Home Water Solutions’ whole house water treatment system removes major contaminants from water used for consumption or cooking. The filtered water will not only be healthier for you, but it will also taste and hydrate better. Filtered water keeps chlorine, sediment, lead, and a variety of other possible contaminants out of the food you rinse and prepare for your family.

Entertainment Room

Even guests can enjoy the benefits of clean, filtered water from Home Water Solutions. Beverages and ice cubes made with water free of sediment will taste and even look better thanks to our whole house water filtration system. Our whole house water treatment system also improves air quality as chlorine and other chemicals found in municipal water supplies are no longer released into the air.


With filtered water free of contaminants, you can even extend the life of your water-using appliances. Appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, even coffee pots, are better preserved and perform more efficiently with higher quality water. Home Water Solutions can save you the expense of costly appliance repairs or replacement.


High-quality water that has been filtered through our thorough reverse osmosis system will make household cleaning easier and more efficient eliminating hard-water stains, scale buildup, and soap scum. Through a whole house water treatment system, hard water scale and other minerals are removed leaving pure water that effectively cleans with fewer amounts of harmful chemicals.


Filtered water free of corrosive chemicals will extend the life of your household pipes and guarantee water that is free of harmful metals and materials. Unfiltered water can also cause buildup deposits in pipes and fixtures reducing the flow of water, but the high-quality water provided with Home Water Solutions whole house treatment preserves your pipes delivering a clean efficient water supply to any area of your house courtesy of its water softening process.

Hot Water Tank

Mineral deposits and scale buildup lessen the efficiency of your home’s hot water tank costing you the price of higher energy bills in addition to affecting the amount of hot water for your family’s use. Increase your hot water tank by installing a whole house water filter.

Conditioning System

For homes with an especially hard or raw water supply, our Home Water Solutions’ Whole House Conditioning System will provide every water source in your home with pure, clean water that is softened, conditioned, filtered, and polished.


Chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water can become embedded in clothes, which causes fading and damage to your clothingl. With our whole house water treatment system, your washing machine requires less detergent, yet it delivers clothing that is cleaner, brighter, and lasts longer.

Water Testing Resources

Untreated Water May Contain Various Forms of Bacteria

Iron bacteria can produce a sticky slime in the water and cause an unpleasant taste and smell like sewage or rotten vegetation. Use a whole house water system to remove iron bacteria.

Pesticides May Be Found In Your Water

Pesticides, such as Atrazine are Simazine, are allowed in drinking water as long as they’re less than 3 parts-per-billion. Eliminate pesticides with a thorough water filtration system.

Estrogen is commonly found in most water systems

Estrogen from birth control medication is commonly found in water systems. Did you know the average maturation age of females has dropped 5 years?

Lead Is Commonly Found In Homes Older Than 1976

Lead is by far one of the most dangerous elements found in drinking water we test. It’s alarming, but most homes built before 1976 test positive for lead in their tap water. Protect your health with a whole house water filter.