In our last blog post, we talked about the difference between hard water and soft water. Hard water, in essence, has minerals it picked up from the rocks that it passed through when it fell as rain. Soft water is missing those minerals. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the difference between water softening and water filtration.

Home Water Solutions in Loveland and Hayden offers the best water filtration systems, including those that use reverse osmosis. When you filter the water that comes into your home using a home water filter system, you remove all of the pollutants and contaminants that your local water company missed, yielding almost pure water that tastes great. Read on for more and then contact us today for a free water test!


People often confuse water softening systems with water filtration systems and often think they are the same thing. Water softening is different from water filtration, which is what Home Water Solutions focuses on. While the processes are similar, they are targeting different elements. Water filtering systems are focused on removing contaminants from your water. Water softening systems are targeting the minerals in the water that make it hard water. The two are usually different and often have different components. For instance, water filtration systems can have specialized filtration systems to remove certain contaminants that are common in an area, such as sediment filters or sulfur removal systems.

Different Filtration Systems

Water softeners use salt and ion-exchange resins targeting calcium and magnesium, while water filtration systems use oxidation, reverse osmosis, or ion absorption methods. Water filtration systems require little maintenance; however, they tend to be a bit more expensive to install. Water softening systems that are salt-based need to have the salt replaced quite frequently.


Determining if you need a water softening or a water filtration system depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to remove contaminants and pollutants from your water, then you need a water filtration system. If you just need to soften your water, use that system. Many homeowners actually install both so they can get the benefits of both: great-tasting and pure water from water filtration systems and soft water that won’t harm their pipes and leave residues from water softening systems.

A water test by Home Water Solutions in Loveland and Hayden may help you decide which filtration system to invest in. A water test will tell you exactly what is in your water, so you can know if you’re being exposed to any harmful pollutants or contaminants, such as lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, or organic materials.

Home Water Solutions’ mission is to help you keep your family and work colleagues safe and healthy through pure drinking water. A home water treatment will ensure everyone is drinking pure water. Furthermore, a whole-house water treatment system has the added benefit of being easier on your hot water system and your appliances, which will leave your clothes cleaner and lasting longer and will give you great-tasting water for cooking with as well. Home water treatments can give you peace of mind knowing you are not putting chemicals into your body. Contact us today to get started!