Water is necessary for all life on earth. Without it, you won’t survive. You can go a lot longer without food than you can without water because every cell in your body needs water. In this blog post, Home Water Solutions, an installer of home water filtration systems in Loveland and Hayden, will examine the components of water. Contact us today for your whole-house water filter system!


Water is made up of two kinds of molecules, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. It can change states from solid to liquid to gas and then back again. It fills the world’s oceans, lakes, streams, and rivers, taking up approximately 71% of Earth’s surface. Plants need water as equally as humans and is vital in agricultural products, which provide food for the majority of the world’s population. Water is not only used for drinking, but we use water for washing clothes and dishes and our bodies. It’s used to put out fire, and it rains from the sky in what is known as the water cycle where water is constantly renewing and recycling itself.

Besides holding the key to life, water by itself is powerful. It cuts mountains and canyons and dissolves rock. It forms many other compounds with other substances. It’s so important that wars have been fought over it, and it is distilled and purified so people can drink it and use it. Water (or the lack thereof) can determine the environment as well, from tropical rainforests where water falls perpetually to desserts where water rarely falls. Water needs to be protected and conserved since we’d all die without it.


Home Water Solutions serves the communities of Loveland and Hayden with home water filtration systems. While we treat our water at big water treatment plants, we are not thoroughly cleaning it. Lurking in your water could be a whole host of harmful organisms, including bacteria, cysts, protozoa, and viruses, that would happily invade your body and cause it harm in its quest to live. When you partner with us and invest in a whole house water filter system, you can guarantee you’ll have the purest drinking water available for all of your household needs. Your broccoli never tasted so good after being boiled in our reverse osmosis water and your coffee was never so delectable. Contact us today to get started!