Located in the Denver Metropolitan area, Thornton is home to over 80 city parks and 80 miles of trails. As the sixth-most populous city in Colorado, there are tons of shopping opportunities and many commuters coming from and going to Denver every day. The popularity of Thornton has brought in new development and plenty of new residents.

If you are looking to secure the safety of your water and make sure your home’s tap water is safe to drink, consider installing a whole house water filter. As snowmelt trickles through the mountains and into the many rivers in Northern Colorado, it can accumulate different contaminants. As it flows into municipal water treatment facilities, there are still some contaminants that aren’t filtered or that are missed by the municipal water treatment facility. For a list of possible contaminants in your water, visit our water treatment page.

Water Filtration Systems in Thornton

By installing a water filtration system in your house, you are guaranteeing your access to quality, pure, and clean water. It’s that simple. Home Water Solutions’ reverse osmosis water filtration system filters your water multiple times to give you access to clean water. Installing a whole house water filter in your Thornton home will also save you money on plumbing and appliance repair. Because Home Water Solutions’ water filters also soften your water, calcium and magnesium buildup is never an issue in your pipes and appliances.

Colorado is known for having high-quality drinking water, but if you want to ensure that you will have clean water even in the event of an emergency or system failure, our water filters will supply your house with clean, reliable water every time you turn on the tap.

If you are ready to install a whole house water filter for your home in Thornton, call us today at 303-985-5394. If you want to see what contaminants are in your water, visit our website to schedule a free home water test.