If you’re planning to have people over for a dinner party or just a fun get-together, there is one very important component of a party that can put you above the others. It might seem like a minute element of any party, but water is incredibly important. Think about the last bar, restaurant, or party you went to. Were the ice cubes crystal clear? Did the water have a metallic taste to it or did it taste pure? Was your cocktail’s mouthfeel a little off? Did the hors-d’oeuvres just miss the mark on what you were expecting? It might seem crazy, but having high-quality water at a party or dinner makes a humongous difference in both your experience and the experiences of your guests.

If you are looking for whole house water filters to transform the quality of your water and to impress your dinner guests with flawless cocktails and appetizers, be sure to contact Home Water Solutions if you are in Northern Colorado or Idaho. Our technicians will perform a free water test for your home to see what contaminants you have, and if you are ready, they can install a whole house water filter to take your water from tasting metallic and heavy to fresh, clean, and refreshing. Call us today at 303-984-9642 to get your free test and get on the road to having a whole house water filter.

Ice, Ice, Baby: Clean Water and Ice

When you have a cocktail, and you are deep in conversation, do you ever notice how watered down your cocktail gets because the ice melts? Ice melt accounts for something close to a quarter of each drink, depending on how fast you drink it. Being attuned to the quality of your ice is incredibly important since it will ultimately affect the quality of your drinks and cocktails. Having crystal clear ice cubes is one way to show your dinner guests that your water is pure and clean. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Have clean water. Whether you buy your water from the bottle or your home has a whole house water filter, starting with clean water ensures that there are no impurities or minerals in your water, which means your ice will be almost see through.
  2. Boil your water…twice! When you boil your water, you are removing any air bubbles that may otherwise appear when you freeze the water. Make sure that you let the water cool between the boils, and keep your water covered to prevent dust or particulates from landing on the surface.
  3. Cover and freeze. Once the water has cooled after the second boil, gently pour it into an ice tray and cover with plastic wrap. Placing the plastic wrap on top of the ice tray will ensure that particulates in your freezer don’t contaminate your crystal clear ice cubes.

After a few hours, your ice should be completely frozen and ready for your favorite cocktail, spritzer, or just a glass of iced tea. Having crystal clear ice cubes made with pure, filtered water from a whole-house water filter will definitely enhance the quality of your cocktails and drinks.



Staying True to Taste: Water Filters and Food

Think about what dishes use water. You have things that need to be washed or rinsed with water like most produce and salad components. Then, you have foods like pasta, potatoes, or rice that use tons of water to prepare the food. The taste of your water is inextricably tied up in these dishes like rice and pasta. If you don’t have clean tasting, filtered water then it is hard to have good tasting food.

If you install a whole-house water filter in your home, you can transform the quality of food that comes out of your kitchen. Many commercial kitchens and professional chefs use filtered water in their kitchens to make the water more neutral and preserve the original flavors of the food. Depending on what kind of dishes you like to make for yourself and your family, having filtered water can transform the taste of your food. While buying filtered, bottled water is a quick way to get your hands on clean water, it is horribly inefficient and will cost you thousands of dollars over the years.

Home Water Solutions Water Filters

If you like to entertain and want to make your home an incredible place for the best food and drinks in the neighborhood, be sure to use high-quality filtered water. The most affordable, energy efficient, and sustainable way to do so is by installing a whole-house water filter. If you’re in Northern Colorado or Idaho, be sure to contact Home Water Solutions to get some of the best options for whole-house water filters. Call us today at 303-984-9642 for a free water test.