Home Water Solutions, with offices in Loveland, Thornton, and Hayden, ID, offers whole-house water systems, using reverse osmosis. But what exactly is reverse osmosis as it pertains to water treatment? Below, we’ll explain the process so you’ll understand exactly what is reverse osmosis and why it’s superior to all other water filtration systems. Contact us today for a free water test to learn what’s in your water!


Reverse osmosis began as a way to drink seawater to separate the salt from the water. With this respect, this process is vital to those who live by the ocean but don’t have any fresh water source. Once the bottled water industry took off, it was adopted as a way to purify fresh water as well and make it even purer.


  • Water is forced through a semipermeable membrane using pressure.
  • This membrane is extremely thin and removes the impurities from the water.
  • These impurities are usually dissolved, such as salt, or microscopic, such as bacteria.
  • Some whole house water filtration systems have even more water filtration processes after this, such as a carbon filter or sediment filter.
  • The impurities are washed down your regular drain pipes.
  • The pure, fresh water is then stored in a holding tank, awaiting your use.


Osmosis itself is the opposite of reverse osmosis. Osmosis is the tendency of molecules when passed through a membrane (a cell’s membrane as well) to go from less concentrated to more concentrated as it tries to equalize the concentrations on both sides of the membrane. The best examples of this are found in nature. Plants use osmosis when absorbing water and nutrients from the soil, and your kidneys use osmosis to absorb water from your blood. This is why pressure (usually through a pump) must be used to overcome this natural osmosis process. Most whole house water filtration systems using reverse osmosis incorporate cross-flow filtration, which allows the impurities to be swept away and applies enough force to keep the semipermeable membranes free from obstructions.

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems can be complicated or can be simple. The more water you are filtering, usually the more complicated so it can handle the water capacity as well as keep up the speed of water filtration. A whole-house water filtration system is usually tied in with the main water line, and the unit is housed in your garage.




  1. Improves taste. The water you get from the reverse osmosis process is extremely pure. It will be free of any odors, sediments that can give your water a funky taste, and impurities.
  2. Saves you money. The need to buy bottled water, or buy a filter for your fridge’s water will be eliminated. The water from your reverse osmosis water filtration system will taste better than bottled water.
  3. Environmentally-friendly. You won’t be constantly using and disposing of water bottles.
  4. Easy to maintain. As we explained before, the reverse osmosis process incorporates a self-cleaning mechanism to keep the filters clean due to the water pressure. Furthermore, reverse osmosis water filtration systems have few moving parts, which means less parts to break and replace.
  5. Safe water. Reverse osmosis water filtration systems remove pollutants from water including nitrates, pesticides, sulfates, fluoride, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, arsenic and so much more. With an additional carbon filter, your reverse osmosis water filtration system will also remove chlorine and chloramines.
  6. Peace of mind. You’ll rest easy, knowing your family is not ingesting any harmful bad guys that could cause serious health problems down the road.

Home Water Solutions is dedicated to bringing the people of Loveland, Thorton, and Hayden pure, clean drinking water. Our reverse osmosis water filtration systems are designed to last a lifetime, providing you and your family with the best in clean drinking water and water for household use, for decades.

We offer free water tests, so you can discover exactly what is lurking in your water, and decide for yourself whether or not a whole-house water filtration system is right for you. We’re using technology to rid you of contaminants from technology. If you live in the Northern Colorado or Hayden, Idaho, areas, contact us today for your free water test!