Loveland is a lovely community firmly seated on the Front Range. With easy access to the mountains and many beautiful geographical features such as Devil’s Backbone Open Space, Loveland has many recreational activities for its residents. When folks are not too busy skiing or hiking, there can enjoy many indoor pastimes like baking, brewing, and even enjoying a cup of tea by a nice warm fire.

Many activities within your home require fresh, clean water for best results. Communities on the Front Range receive some incredible snow-melt water that is treated by municipal facilities, but often times there are certain contaminants that find themselves in your tap water. Home Water Solutions in Loveland is here to provide you with a whole house water filtration solution or other options to ensure that your drinking water is safe, clean, and free of contaminants. If you want to find out more about what is in your water, visit our Water Treatment Systems page to learn more.

Whole House Water Filter in Loveland

Getting a whole house water filter in Loveland will ensure that your tap water is clean and pure. Our reverse osmosis filtration system thoroughly filters your tap water. If you’re in Loveland, chances are you’re drinking water that may be contaminated with algae from the Green Ridge Glade Reservoir. While this water is safe to drink, the taste and smell of the water can change depending on algae growth or blooms.

If you want to keep the quality of your water consistent throughout the year, install a whole house water filter in Loveland. Our whole house water filters also soften your water, preventing calcium and magnesium buildup from damaging your pipes and appliances.

For more information about how purchasing a whole house water filter in Loveland can help your home, call our team at 970-840-0868 today to schedule a free water test and install your water filter today!

The Future of Loveland’s Water

Loveland, Colorado, has its roots in the railroad industry, being named after William Loveland who was the president of the Colorado Central Railroad. It was founded in 1877 along the Colorado Central Railroad line and relied mostly on agriculture up until recently.

Most of Loveland’s water comes from snowpack on the eastern side of the mountains west of the city. This water flows into the Big Thompson River where it is then treated by Loveland’s water treatment plant.

While in general mountain snowpack water is clean, as the water travels down from the mountains, it can pick up a whole host of contaminants, such as aluminum, cadmium, and chromium, and pollutants, such as pesticides and heavy metals. While the city does treat its water, it does not filter it to remove all of the possible contaminants and pollutants.

Home Water Solutions in Loveland takes pride in offering reverse osmosis water filters in our home water treatments. This water treatment removes almost all of the contaminants and pollutants from your water, leaving behind pure drinking water that has a superior taste. Call us today for your free home water test!