If you want to learn about different water treatment options, welcome to the water treatment blog! We will discuss common practices in municipal water treatment, as well as different contaminants that are often found in municipal water supplies. Our hope is that this blog will help you determine whether a water filter is right for you — and specifically which water filter is right for you. At Home Water Solutions, we want to ensure that your water is filtering out as many contaminants as possible, leaving your water clean, pure, and safe. To get a free water test, visit our website to learn more.

  1. Water Treatment Supplies

    Do you have an issue with your water that you want to purchase new water treatment products? Before going to the nearest water treatment supplies store, it’s important to understand the options that are available. There are lots of types of water treatment technologies available in the market today. Water treatment supplies can be anything that refers to improving the quality of your water. Wate…Read More

  2. The Real Costs of Bottled Water

    Drinking water has undeniable health benefits, which often leads many people to buy bottled water. However, contrary to popular belief, bottled water does not necessarily provide a higher quality of water than water from the tap. In fact, roughly half of bottled water companies bottle their water from a municipal tap. Investing in a good reusable water bottle will be of better benefit to your heal…Read More

  3. Learn About Water Treatment

    Water treatment is the process used to make water safe for use and consumption by human beings. Water treatment facilities employ multi-step processes in order to filter and disinfect local water supply before it is distributed through the city’s waterways. Although individual processes may vary by region, they all follow a basic set of guidelines and regulations mandated by the Environmental Pr…Read More

  4. What Water Treatment Facilities Miss

    Contaminants might still be in your tap water after it’s been processed at your local treatment facility. Tap water quality is more closely monitored than that of bottled water, but that doesn’t mean that the water coming out of your kitchen sink is contaminant-free. Tap water in big cities has the strictest practices for disinfection, filtering, removal of pathogens, and testing for Giardia a…Read More

  5. Contaminants and the Water Table

    What is a water table, and why should you care about it? That’s a reasonable question. The science behind how water gets from the sky to your faucet is more complicated than “rain falls into a reservoir and then we drink it.” What is a water table? Water tables are one of the several ways that water makes it into our supply. When rain falls, it soaks into the ground, eventually meeting up wi…Read More

  6. Explaining Reverse Osmosis without the Need for a Ph.D.

    We all know that water is important for our health and that we should drink about 8 glasses every day. This helps with keeping your body hydrated, which has many health benefits. When you pour a glass from your sink, it looks crystal clear. However, from the source to your body, the water can pick up all sorts of nasty stuff. That is where reverse osmosis comes in really handy. But What is Reverse…Read More

  7. The Water Treatment Process (and Why You Need an In-Home Treatment System)

    Many people don’t think much about the water that comes out of home faucets. The quality of the water we drink at home is affected by the pipes we use and the natural landscape. All of these things can cause the water to absorb minerals that are not very good for our health. To combat this, many people have started drinking bottled water. However, lots of research has found that the quality of b…Read More

  8. Six Benefits of Using Water Treatment Systems

    The benefits of using a water treatment system in your home are greater than you may have thought! Water is all around us and is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Health programs on television and medical websites regularly tell us that we have to drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day to make sure we stay adequately hydrated. With water available at the turn of a f…Read More

  9. Home Water Treatment Systems Take out Chlorine and Hard Water Minerals

    Drinking a big glass a water straight from the faucet isn’t as dangerous in the United States as other places, but there are still plenty of minerals and other contaminants, including chemicals used to purify the water, that can be harmful if they build up in your body. You may have noticed that tap water tastes differently than bottled water. While bottled water usually has a clean, cool taste …Read More

  10. The Hidden Costs of Untreated Tap Water in Your Home

    Untreated tap water: for most residents on the Colorado Front Range, tap water is cheap or free depending on where you live. What you may not know is that there’s a hidden cost to using tap water for drinking and cleaning your dishes, clothes, and food. Although tap water is treated to take out most heavy metals and toxins before it comes out of your faucet, there are minerals and other contamin…Read More