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  1. faucet aerator

    How to Clean Faucet Aerators

    We’ve mentioned faucet aerators a few times in this blog. Faucet aerators are little fixtures that go on the end of faucets that add air to the water flow. This causes less water to flow are a great way to save money and conserve water usage. Home Water Solutions is the best water filter system expert, offering the communities of Loveland, Thornton, and Hayden, CO, the best water available with …Read More

  2. What is Water?

    Water is necessary for all life on earth. Without it, you won’t survive. You can go a lot longer without food than you can without water because every cell in your body needs water. In this blog post, Home Water Solutions, an installer of home water filtration systems in Loveland and Hayden, will examine the components of water. Contact us today for your whole-house water filter system! WHAT IS …Read More

  3. How To Choose a Water Filter for Your Home

    Having clean drinking water is vital to your health. Drinking contaminated water can lead to health problems down the road. Home Water Solutions in Loveland and Hayden specializes in home water treatment systems. Home water treatment systems remove the impurities, such as bacteria, pesticides, estrogen, and heavy metals, left from the water that comes into your home from your town or city’s wate…Read More

  4. The Importance of Conserving Water

    Water is a natural resource that is renewable. However, water that we can drink is limited — at least water that doesn’t need excessive water treatment. Home Water Solutions with offices in Loveland and Hayden is dedicated to bringing you clean water for life through our home water treatment systems. In this blog post, we’ll review the importance of conserving water. Contact us today for you…Read More

  5. Tips to Drink More Water

    We all know water is good for us and that we need to drink more of it. But this is easier said than done. Home Water Solutions in Loveland and Hayden understand how hard it can be to drink water, especially if it is not from one of our whole-house water filtration systems. It can taste, well, blah. In this blog post, we’ll offer up tips on how you can drink more water. Contact us today for your …Read More

  6. Benefits of Drinking Water

    Most of us know that the majority of your body is water. Thus, it makes sense that we need to drink water to replenish our system in order to stay healthy. Yet, a lot of us don’t drink enough. Home Water Solutions, a producer of reverse osmosis systems for your whole house water filter system, is passionate about giving you and your family the best possible water for drinking. In this blog post,…Read More

  7. How Much Money Can You Save By Using A Water Filter?

    There are plenty of reasons to buy cases of bottled water. You might be traveling, camping, or just know you won’t have access to a reliable source of water. Another popular reason to buy bottled water is that it is convenient. Some households even replace their entire water intake with bottled water. Have you ever thought about the true cost of buying bottled water? Buying bottled water can be …Read More

  8. The History Of The Refrigerator Water Filters

    The earliest taped method of water filtration dates back to 2000 B.C. where hieroglyphics portray methods of boiling water, putting hot metal instruments in water and filtering water through charcoal and sand. Water filtration was more developed with the advent of the microscopic lens, which made it possible to see particulates in water that would have otherwise been thought about to be clean. It …Read More

  9. Alkaline Water: It’s Not Just For Athletes

    The human body has an ideal pH level for body systems to run smoothly. pH is the measurement of how acidic an organism’s chemistry is or the concentration of hydrogen ions. The ideal pH level for human beings rests between 7.35 and 7.45. What you put in your body, including drinking water, can drastically affect the pH balance of your body. Most people eat a diet that is heavily acidic. Combinin…Read More

  10. Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

    Reverse osmosis water treatment is the process of purifying contaminated water by filtering it through a semipermeable membrane. The process removes contaminants, minerals, and salt by allowing the water molecules to flow through the filter while trapping larger particles. Water purification through reverse osmosis produces water that is desalinated, demineralized, and deionized providing, the pur…Read More