1. How a Free Water Test Can Change Your Life

    Water is essential for life. There are just no two ways about it. Whether you are young and active or older and sedentary, water is essential for everyone. Where we get our water depends largely on where we live. Whether your water comes from a reservoir, a river, or a ground well, it is important to ensure that what you are drinking is safe. As the US continues to develop and our population grows…Read More

  2. How Much Money Can You Save By Using A Water Filter?

    There are plenty of reasons to buy cases of bottled water. You might be traveling, camping, or just know you won’t have access to a reliable source of water. Another popular reason to buy bottled water is that it is convenient. Some households even replace their entire water intake with bottled water. Have you ever thought about the true cost of buying bottled water? Buying bottled water can be …Read More

  3. Could Your Dry, Itchy Skin Be Linked to Your Water?

    There is nothing like taking a shower or bath after a long, difficult day. Whether you work in a stuffy office or you work with your hands all day long, feeling pure, clean water cascading and washing away the day’s stresses can be extremely refreshing. While showers and baths are refreshing, have you noticed that your skin has felt drier or itchier? Perhaps when you do dishes, you notice that y…Read More

  4. Reverse Osmosis Water Filters vs. Carbon Filters

    One of the biggest things to consider in water filtration is whether you decide to use a reverse osmosis water filter or a carbon filter. You know that water filtration is important, especially when you use it in your whole home. It's possible to see incredible benefits when you install a whole-house water filter, but the benefits you see depend on which water filter you install. At Home Water Sol…Read More

  5. Stepping Up Your Beverage Game: A Guide To Clean Water

    If you’re planning to have people over for a dinner party or just a fun get-together, there is one very important component of a party that can put you above the others. It might seem like a minute element of any party, but water is incredibly important. Think about the last bar, restaurant, or party you went to. Were the ice cubes crystal clear? Did the water have a metallic taste to it or did …Read More

  6. Do you Need a Water Softener?

    Water is an incredibly important part of our lives. We are either consuming it to keep our bodies well hydrated, or we are using it in our homes or at work. Chemists call it the universal solvent, and it has incredible properties that make it unlike any other substance in the world. Water can carry tiny particles by dissolving them or suspending them, which makes it a versatile substance for doing…Read More

  7. The History Of The Refrigerator Water Filters

    The earliest taped method of water filtration dates back to 2000 B.C. where hieroglyphics portray methods of boiling water, putting hot metal instruments in water and filtering water through charcoal and sand. Water filtration was more developed with the advent of the microscopic lens, which made it possible to see particulates in water that would have otherwise been thought about to be clean. It …Read More

  8. Water Treatment Supplies

    Do you have an issue with your water that you want to purchase new water treatment products? Before going to the nearest water treatment supplies store, it’s important to understand the options that are available. There are lots of types of water treatment technologies available in the market today. Water treatment supplies can be anything that refers to improving the quality of your water. Wate…Read More

  9. Home Water Treatment Solutions

    You will never discover water that is 100 percent pure; it contains impurities, whether from natural causes or man-made sources. While many of these pollutants are safe, there are some pollutants that can adversely affect your health. That is why home water treatment is necessary. Home water treatment is the process by which pollutants found in your home’s tap water system are removed. There are…Read More

  10. The Real Costs of Bottled Water

    Drinking water has undeniable health benefits, which often leads many people to buy bottled water. However, contrary to popular belief, bottled water does not necessarily provide a higher quality of water than water from the tap. In fact, roughly half of bottled water companies bottle their water from a municipal tap. Investing in a good reusable water bottle will be of better benefit to your heal…Read More